Precautions for Installation and Maintenance of Semi-fixed Foam Fire Extinguishing Device

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1. After the equipment is used, the user must purchase the same type of foam extinguishing liquid for supplementary filling. During filling, plastic pipe can be used for suction or funnel can be used for injection from the liquid filling port. After filling, tighten the lid of the liquid filling port to prevent foam liquid from splashing when the equipment moves.
2, the equipment should be placed in a cool, ventilated, convenient access to the place.
3. The tank body of this equipment is made of corrosion-resistant carbon steel. It is strictly prohibited to knock hard and cause the anti-corrosion layer in the tank body to fall off.
4. If the equipment is not used for long-term storage, the quality of foam liquid shall be rechecked once a year for deterioration. If deterioration is found, it shall be replaced in time.
5. After each use of this equipment, the fire hose should be carefully cleaned and dried before winding it up and placing it in the special place for the equipment hose.
6. In order to keep the equipment in a good fire-proof state for a long time and the quality of the foam liquid in the tank, the foam storage tank should be opened and cleaned every 3 years.