Full-automatic fire extinguishing "fire equipment artifact"-fire shower inspection system

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When it comes to fire fighting, the first fire fighting equipment that comes to mind is definitely the fire extinguisher. This is the fire fighting equipment with the highest appearance rate and can be used for home use.

Today, hydraulic fire fighting has brought us fire extinguishers that we have heard of in detail, but to explain another kind of fire fighting equipment,

At present, it is widely used in various fire-fighting scenes in fixed fire-fighting equipment and equipment, and fully automatic fire-fighting "fire-fighting equipment artifact"

-fire-fighting shower inspection system


Classification of fire sprinkler systems

Different fire sprinkler heads can be selected according to different fire prevention areas and fire extinguishing scenes:

1. Sagging sprinkler head


Dropping type sprinkler head is the most widely used a nozzle, hanging installed in the water supply pipe, sprinkling water in the shape of a parabolic body, the total water volume of 80 to 100 percent to the ground. It is mainly used in places that do not need decoration, such as workshops, warehouses, parking garages, kitchens, etc.


2. Vertical sprinkler head


It is suitable for installation in places where there are many moving objects and are prone to impact, such as warehouses, and can also be concealed on the roof in the ceiling mezzanine of the room to protect the ceiling with more flammable materials.

The upright sprinkler head is installed upright on the water supply branch pipe, and the sprinkler shape is parabolic, spraying 80-100% of the total water volume downward, and spraying part of it to the ceiling.


3. Ordinary type sprinkler head


Suitable for restaurants, shops, warehouses, underground garages and other places. Ordinary sprinkler head can be directly installed, but also can be installed on the water spray pipe network, the total water of 40%-60% downward spray, most of the spray to the ceiling.


4. Side wall type sprinkler head


It is suitable for places where it is difficult to pipe, and the side wall type sprinkler head is installed against the wall. Mainly used for office, lobby, lounge, corridor rooms and other buildings of light dangerous parts.


The working principle of fire sprinkler system

closed fire sprinkler system:

At ordinary times, the roof fire water tank is filled with water. When a fire occurs, the nozzle is chrome plated and melted after the temperature reaches a certain temperature (usually 68°C). The water in the pipe is automatically sprayed out under the action of the water pressure of the fire water tank. At this moment, the wet alarm valve is automatically opened, and the pressure switch in the valve is automatically opened. The pressure switch has a signal line interlocking with the fire pump, and the pump is automatically started. Then the spray pump provides the water in the pool to the pipe network through the pipe, and the whole fire fighting system starts to work.


open fire sprinkler system:

The system is equipped with a smoke sensor to detect the smoke. When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, the smoke sensor will give an alarm. After confirmation by the host, it will feed back to the sound and light alarm to warn people with sound or flashing lights. The smoke prevention and exhaust fan will be started in linkage to start smoke exhaust. At the same time, the solenoid valve of the deluge valve will be opened, and the open nozzle will spray water directly in linkage with the spray pump.