Hu, director of Fujian Provincial Secret Bureau, and his party visited Hydraulic Fire Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and investigation.

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On the morning of March 4, Hu Wixing, member of the general office of Fujian provincial party Committee and director of the provincial party Committee's secrecy office (director of the provincial state secrecy bureau), and his party visited our company for investigation and investigation. Huang Wancheng, deputy director of the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee Office and director of the Security Office, and Fu Zhanglong, director of the Nanan Municipal Party Committee Office, were accompanied by leaders.

Chairman Wang Qiuliang received Hu Fuxing, director of Fujian Provincial Secret Bureau, and other leaders in the conference room.

Chairman Wang Qiuliang introduced the current situation of the industry and the enterprise.



The research team visited the company's fire protection product exhibition hall, automatic gun workshop and hose workshop, listened carefully to Chairman Wang Qiuliang's introduction to the company's situation, understood the current situation of the fire protection industry and the company's development difficulties, and affirmed the advanced technological level of hydraulic fire protection. Expressing deep concern for the problems faced by the company. It is hoped that the company can give full play to the role of the main force of scientific and technological innovation of private enterprises in the future, strive to be a leader in the fire protection industry, and make greater contributions to the fire protection industry in Fujian.


Director Hu's comments and suggestions on enterprises


Director Hu led a team to visit the water belt workshop.

Director Hu Wixing led a team to visit the exhibition hall workshop.


Director Hu led a team to visit the automatic gun workshop.