Nan'an City Leaders Visit Hydraulic Fire Research and Guide Enterprises to Resuming Work and Production

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Since my company resumed work on February 18, Nanan Mayor Zhang Guisen, Municipal Committee Standing Committee and Propaganda Minister Wu Zhongxi, Nanan Municipal Committee Standing Committee and Organization Minister Wang Lianzan, and Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Zheng Lei have successively visited hydraulic fire research enterprises to resume work and epidemic prevention. Accompanied by Chairman Wang Qiuliang and Deputy General Manager Lin Decong, they have reported in detail the measures and work related to hydraulic fire epidemic prevention and control and resumption. Carefully inquired about the reworking area and the number of employees returning to work, the isolation of employees, the accommodation arrangement and the difficulties encountered by the enterprise in resuming work. Under the guidance of Hongguizhou instructors, the hydraulic fire department strictly implemented the epidemic prevention work of all personnel returning to work in accordance with the requirements, which was appreciated by the leaders. Secondly, all materials during the prevention and control of the epidemic have received strong support from the relevant departments to ensure the stable and orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises.



On the morning of March 4, Nan'an Mayor Zhang Guisen, accompanied by leaders of the government office, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the People's Bank of China and other relevant departments, visited the hydraulic fire protection research and guidance of enterprises to resume work and production.


In the subsequent discussion, the company's chairman Wang Qiuliang, deputy general manager Lin Decong detailed report on the hydraulic fire epidemic prevention and control, resumption of production related measures and work. At present, the hydraulic fire rework rate of 63%, under the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, reasonable arrangement of production plans, orderly organization of the resumption of production work.


Mayor Zhang Guisen has a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation during the epidemic, especially the difficulties and problems in the resumption of work and production, and requires enterprises to strictly implement various prevention and control measures, do a good job in the isolation of personnel returning to work outside the province, and effectively ensure the safety of personnel. Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, urge employees to rework, and strive to improve the rate of employment, to ensure the normal operation of enterprises.


Mayor Zhang Guisen stressed that the frequent movement of personnel during the resumption of work, strict control of precise epidemic prevention, combined with the actual production situation, improve the epidemic prevention and control work system, to ensure the safe, stable and orderly resumption of work. All relevant departments are required to systematically solve enterprise problems, strengthen bank-enterprise interaction, and vigorously enhance financial support for enterprises affected by the epidemic. We should introduce more precise support policies for related industries to help enterprises tide over the difficulties, and strengthen the overall scheduling of protective materials to ensure that enterprises resume work and resume production daily needs. Do a good job of docking services, and orderly promote the resumption of production of enterprises.


Under the care and guidance of party committees and governments at all levels, hydraulic fire control will work together to prevent the epidemic, conscientiously implement the general requirements of "one heart, one mind, and scientific prevention and control", and resume work and production in an orderly manner, so as to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production.