Focus on the main business achievements of fire equipment industry benchmark-record "hydraulic fire technology" innovation breakthrough.

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"I just do my firefighting"

The development and growth of "hydraulic fire technology" for more than 20 years is actually the fundamental idea of "focusing on the main business. Enterprises start from the most basic civil "bolt gun buckle hose" and other fire-fighting equipment products, and then to the chemical industry, fire forces and other high-end fire-fighting equipment products, and then to aircraft ships and other high-tech high-tech fire-fighting equipment and equipment products, are around the "fire-fighting equipment products" innovation.

"I 've been my firefighter all my life." This is Mr. Wang Qiuliang's mantra, "Since the company has gained a certain degree of popularity, many people from all walks of life have come to me with projects, hoping to work together to make a fortune. I have refused with the euphemism that I only do fire protection."

"'Hydraulic Fire Technology' started from a person's business, to products to the world market, and actively responded to the 'Belt and Road' initiative into Laos to set up factories. Along the way, Chairman Wang Qiuliang fully demonstrated the spirit of the Minnan people 'love to fight and dare to win', which is really admirable." On the afternoon of March 7, the investment promotion delegation of Meilie District Government of Sanming City, Fujian Province, after the inspection and exchange of "hydraulic fire technology", the deputy head of the team leader Xue Jun sincerely praised Wang Qiuliang.

Hydro Fire Chairman Wang Qiuliang (middle) and Meilie District leaders

  Innovation and entrepreneurship never stop

"Concentrate on doing a single-minded career and study hard, and you will see that your main business has unlimited space." Wang Qiuliang focuses on the fire protection industry, constantly learns and improves, and has achieved the leading position in the fire protection industry. "In the process of enterprise development, innovation and entrepreneurship is the magic weapon to maintain vitality forever."

Wang Qiuliang introduced that "Hydraulic Fire Technology" has a learning team and adheres to the concept of "innovation as the source of development. The company has set up a research institute in Shanghai to work closely with major research institutes, especially top experts in the field of materials science, with the goal of developing world-class fire-fighting equipment. The results are also significant. At present, the research level and product level of the enterprise have been considered by the industry to exceed the standard of the Russian fire industry, which was once recognized as the benchmark of the fire industry in the world.

  Responding to "the belt and road initiative" Initiative Joins Hands with Laos

"'Hydro-hydraulic' products have many types and good quality. I hope to cooperate in the future and jointly contribute to the fire protection industry in Laos." On November 30, 2017, after an in-depth and detailed inspection of the production line of "Hydraulic Science and Technology" by the Chinese inspection delegation of the Ministry of Public Security of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Colonel Jigai Nowara, Director of the General Administration of Logistics of the Ministry of Public Security of Laos, highly praised the "Hydraulic Fire Fighting".

The mountains and the sea cannot stop the people of southern Fujian from advancing. Hydraulic fire protection actively responds to the national "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, and after various contacts and investigations, it is proposed to establish the "Lao National Fire Protection Corporation" in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security of Laos, as the only production enterprise in Laos, the only enterprise with acceptance and examination and approval of fire protection projects, and set up the Lao National Fire equipment Product testing Center and the National Fire Engineering testing Center. The project was officially signed in Laos on August 8, 2018, and the landing of related projects is in full swing.

Mr. Wang Qiuliang said that by chance, with the strong support of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security, the "Hydraulic Fire Fighting" and the Ministry of Public Security of Laos will smoothly connect and will cooperate closely. At present, Vietnam is also in contact with hydraulic fire through various channels, hoping to find opportunities for cooperation.

  Consolidate the foundation to start a second venture.

"Our domestic and international markets are developing very well, but we still have to go back to consolidate our own foundation and start a second business." Wang Qiuliang, Do not forget your initiative mind, insisted on his "fire dream".

However, this high-growth enterprise is far from meeting the needs of the market in a space of less than 60000 square meters. What Wang Qiuliang urgently needs at present is to find a "home" for "hydraulic fire technology" that can give full play to its potential and can spread its hands and feet to do a big job ".

So Sanming Merrie District followed the sound. "Hydraulic fire technology is an excellent enterprise. Sanming Meilie District has a good business environment, warmly welcome hydraulic fire technology to visit, welcome to win-win development." The leader of the investment promotion delegation of Sanming Meilie District and the vice chairman of the District CPPCC Lin Jinlai opened his sincere embrace to "Hydraulic Fire Technology.

Wang Qiuliang (first from left), chairman of hydraulic fire protection, discussed the intention of plant construction with the heads of relevant departments in Meilie District

At the same time, Zhangzhou Xiangcheng District, Hua'an County have also extended olive branches to "hydraulic fire technology. "For high-quality enterprises such as' Hydraulic Fire Technology ', we provide the most convenient and efficient service in all directions." On March 8, Deputy Mayor Huang Yiqun, Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou City, expressed his sincere desire for cooperation with the hydraulic fire inspection team. "As long as Mr. Wang makes up your mind to settle down in our Hua 'an County Economic Development Zone, all conditions will be easy to discuss." Ye Jinglin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hua'an County Committee and secretary of the Economic Development Zone, is even more interested in "hydraulic fire technology.

Wang Qiuliang (middle), chairman of hydraulic fire protection, visited Jinfeng Development Zone in Zhangzhou

"I am very grateful to the local governments for their support and love. We will consider carefully to find the best base for the second venture as soon as possible, and live up to the expectations of our friends and the market." Wang Qiuliang is full of confidence in the second venture.

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