Installation and maintenance of closed foam/water spray device

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1, maintenance personnel should be professionally trained and familiar with the foam-water spray device and the whole system principle, performance and operation, maintenance, maintenance requirements.
2. The maintenance, maintenance and management of the wet automatic sprinkler part of the unit shall be carried out in accordance with the GB50261 Code for Construction and Acceptance of Automatic Sprinkler System. Note: When debugging the wet automatic water spray system, the water supply valve of the foam tank, the foam liquid stop valve and the pressure relief valve should be closed first to avoid the phenomenon of misdischarge of foam liquid.
3. The ambient temperature suitable for storage of the device is (4~40)℃, and environmental insulation measures should be taken.
4. The safety valve on the foam liquid storage tank of the device shall be verified every year.
5. The device shall check the performance of the foam automatic supply mixing part at least once a year.
6, monthly foam liquid storage tank, foam liquid control valve, pressure relief valve, foam proportional mixer, pressure gauge, valve opening and closing state, pipeline and accessories for appearance inspection, should be intact.
7. According to the requirements of the supplier of the canned foam liquid, the foam liquid stored in the tank shall be sampled and inspected regularly.
9. The mixing device is welded with special lifting lugs for lifting during transportation and installation, and other accessories of the device are not allowed to be used as lifting lugs. Avoid collision during lifting to avoid displacement and leakage of parts.
10, should be filled with the same manufacturer, the same type of foam liquid, foam liquid model should be compatible with the protection.
11. The foam liquid just transported to the canning site needs to be placed for a period of time (it is recommended to place it for about 4 hours) to reduce the generation of non-liquid foam liquid and avoid mixing too much gas in the bag and affecting the filling amount of foam liquid.
12. When a fire occurs, after the hydraulic alarm bell gives an alarm, if the pressure relief valve does not start to release, or although it is released, the pressure gauge reading of the control pipeline is not in the "zero" position, the manual pressure relief valve should be opened immediately to ensure that the foam liquid control valve is opened.
13. Before the fire is over, do not close the alarm stop valve of the wet alarm valve, otherwise the pressure relief valve and foam liquid control valve will be closed, resulting in interruption of foam liquid supply.