Pressure proportional mixing device installation and maintenance precautions

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1. Before use, check whether the flange cover on the filling pipe and the flange of the connecting pipe are sealed and whether various valves are closed.
2. After each use, the storage tank and pipeline must be rinsed clean with clean water, and the inner and outer surfaces must be repainted and anticorrosive.
3, filling foam liquid, should keep the tank clean, not mixed with oil or other foam liquid, should not be mixed with aging foam liquid, foam liquid model can not be wrong.
4, foam liquid should avoid direct sunlight, and stored in a place with small temperature difference, to minimize direct contact with the air. Any foam liquid stored for more than two years shall be sampled and inspected before use, and the foam liquid that has failed shall be replaced in time.
5. The storage tank with diaphragm shall be tested for leakage every six months. Open the drain valve during the test. If there is foam leakage, it proves that the capsule is damaged and should be repaired or replaced in time.
6. When replacing foam liquid, a simulation test shall be conducted for the fire extinguishing system to check whether the working conditions of the proportional mixing device and foam generator are normal and reliable. If there is any abnormality, it shall be repaired in time.
7. When replacing the failed foam liquid, the device should be fully cleaned.
8. In actual use, the storage tank must be filled with foam liquid.