Indoor fire hydrant installation and maintenance matters needing attention

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1. After installation, the garbage and impurities in the fire-fighting pipeline must be removed; when the valve is closed, the valve flap seal is never allowed to stick to sand, white paint and other impurities.

2. After installation, open the valve regularly (usually half a month) to prevent the valve disc gasket from sticking to the valve seat and damaging it.

3, always check the valve sealing gasket and interface gasket is aging and damage; found that the damage should be replaced in time.

4. Conduct regular water discharge inspection to ensure that the water can be opened in time when a fire occurs.

Serial Number Fault phenomenon Possible causes Exclusion method
1 Water leakage 1. There is foreign matter or rubber aging or damage on the copper valve seat. 2. The glue is unevenly applied 1. Check whether there is foreign matter on the valve seat. If there is no proof of rubber aging, replace the valve disc rubber 2. Replace the product again
2 Water leakage in rotating parts 1. Product quality problems 2. Sealing ring aging or wear 1. Replace qualified products 2. Replace sealing ring