Outdoor fire hydrant installation and maintenance matters needing attention

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After installation, the garbage and impurities in the fire pipeline must be removed.
2, every month or before the major festival, the fire hydrant must be inspected once.
3. Remove the debris around the valve rod end, set the special wrench on the rod head, check whether it is suitable, rotate the valve rod, and add lubricating oil if necessary.
4. Regularly check whether the rubber gasket at the connection between the rubber ring and the bolt body in the cover is in good condition. If damage or water leakage is found, it should be replaced in time (the rubber warranty period is 1 year).
5, the appearance of paint off should be timely repair.
6. Check and remove the obstacles near the fire hydrant.
7. Conduct regular water discharge inspection to ensure that the water can be opened and released in time when a fire occurs.
8. In cold areas (places where ice will freeze in winter), when using fire hydrants, after closing the valve flap, the water outlet cover cannot be locked immediately. It needs to be locked again after 6-10 minutes to drain the residual water in the bolt (if the water outlet cover is locked immediately, a vacuum will be formed in the bolt and the residual water cannot be drained). If the violation of this article causes damage to the product, we will not be responsible.


Serial Number Fault phenomenon Possible causes Solution
1 Water leakage 1. There is foreign matter or rubber aging or damage on the copper valve seat. 2. The glue is unevenly applied 1. Check whether there is foreign matter on the valve seat. If the rubber is not proved to be aging, replace the valve disc rubber. 2. Replace the product