Fire valve installation and maintenance precautions

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1. Handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited.
2. Before installation, check whether the parts of the whole machine are defective and loose.
3. Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned, and the valve entrance should have enough straight pipe sections and be equipped with filters.
4. Regularly check whether the mechanical components and signal output of the valve are normal.
5, vulnerable parts: "O" ring, each maintenance, all new. The valve seat shall be inspected for possible future signs of cracks, aging and corrosion, and shall be replaced according to the inspection results.
8. If the valve is frequently used, lubricate it at least once a month.

Serial Number Fault phenomenon Possible causes Exclusion method
1 Leakage in valve 1. The closing is not tight. 2. The joint surface is damaged or foreign matter is stuck. 3. The rubber is aging and damaged. 1. Reopen and close, close the valve 2. Open the valve, flush the valve with clean water, and reduce or stop the leakage after flushing and closing, otherwise replace the product 3. Replace the sealing rubber parts
2 Leakage of joint surface 1. Insufficient bolt tightening force or partial bolt tightening force 2. Damaged or aging seal 1. Tighten the bolt or make the joint clearance consistent. 2. Replace the sealing element