Precautions for installation and maintenance of water flow indicator

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1. The water flow indicator must be installed on the pipe diameter with the length of the front and rear straight pipe sections not less than 5 times. The blade installation direction should be consistent with the arrow direction and the water flow direction.
2. The water flow indicator should be installed horizontally with the pipeline, and it should be ensured that the blades do not collide with the inner wall of the pipeline.
3. When the saddle type water flow indicator is installed and inserted into the pipeline, the sensing blade should be rolled into a cylindrical shape. The removal should also be pulled out in this way.
4. The water flow indicator should be checked once every six months after installation.

Serial Number Fault phenomenon Possible causes Exclusion method
1 The water flow indicator does not operate or the end water test device is closed, and the operation signal is still displayed. 1. The paddle is blocked by sundries in the lumen 2. The adjusting nut and contact are not adjusted in place 3. The circuit wiring falls off 1. Remove the sundries in the lumen of the water flow indicator 2. Adjust the adjusting nut and contact in place 3. Check and reconnect the falling circuit.