Installation and maintenance of deluge valve

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After installation, the garbage and impurities in the fire pipeline must be removed.
2. The rubber sealing surface on the valve disc should be promptly removed from the dirt and foreign matter attached. If the rubber seal is worn and aged, it should be replaced in time (the rubber warranty period is 1 year).
3. Clean up the dirt in the filter in time and keep the pipeline unobstructed.
4. Regularly check whether the control valves installed in various parts of the system are in the correct opening and closing state, whether there is leakage or damage, and deal with them in time.

Serial Number Fault phenomenon Possible causes Exclusion method
1 Water leakage from automatic drip valve 1, the product has quality problems 2, installation and commissioning or regular tests at ordinary times, after the implementation of fire fighting, did not drain the residual water in the side pipe of the system 3, diaphragm spherical center line seal due to construction debris, impurities in the unclean fire water, etc. lead to spherical sealing surface can not be completely sealed 1. Replace the products or components with problems 2. Open the water discharge control valve to remove the residual water in the pipeline on the system side 3. Start the deluge alarm valve and use clean water to wash the sundries left on the sealing surface.
2 The reset device cannot be reset The water quality is too dirty and there are fine water impurities entering the sealing surface of the reset device. Remove the reset device, rinse it with clean water and reinstall it, and debug it in place.
3 Long-term alarm without reason 1. The installation and debugging are not carried out according to the installation drawing. 2. The test pipeline control valve is opened by mistake. 1. Check the installation of each component, and re-install and debug according to the installation drawing. 2. Close the test pipeline control valve.
4 System test does not alarm 1. Impurities in the fire water block the filter screen of the filter on the alarm pipeline 2. The nozzle at the water inlet of the hydraulic alarm bell is blocked, the bell hammer is not configured or the bell hammer is stuck 1. Remove the filter net, rinse it with clean water, and reinstall it in place. 2. Check the accessories of the hydraulic alarm bell and complete the components. Parts with debris jam and blockage shall be washed and reassembled in place.