Precautions for installation and maintenance of pre-action alarm valve group

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After installation, the garbage and impurities in the fire pipeline must be removed.
2. If the rubber seal is worn or aged, it should be replaced in time (the rubber warranty period is 1 year).
3. The small holes and sealing surface in the annular groove of the valve seat sealing ring should be cleaned of dirt and foreign matter. The sealing surface should not be scratched. The small holes should be kept unobstructed and cannot be repaired and replaced.
4. Clean up the dirt in the filter in time and keep the pipeline unobstructed.
5. Check and clean the dirt in the delay device, and the throttle hole shall not be blocked by foreign matter.
Regularly check whether the control valves installed in the system are in the correct opening and closing state, whether there is leakage or damage, etc., and deal with them in time.


Serial Number Fault phenomenon Possible causes Exclusion method
1 Alarm valve leaking 1. The drainage control valve is not closed tightly 2. The valve disc gasket is aged or damaged 3. The reset rod is not reset or damaged 1, close the drainage control valve 2, replace the valve disc gasket 3, reset, or replace the reset device
2 Drive pipe nozzle blocked 1. There are problems with the quality of fire water, such as sundries, etc. 2. The pipeline filter cannot work normally 1. Test the water quality and clean up the fire water that is not clean and affects the normal use of the system. 2. Check the pipeline filter, remove the sundries on the filter screen or replace the filter